In dialogue with Emma Barrett

Concert — Performance — Love song — Niklas Blomberg · 2018

« When we hear Sweet Emma Barret‘s groovy honkytonk klonk slapping jazzpiano hands tell her straightforward stories, and when we look into her big pure eyes, our heart starts to pump life. We feel this beautiful soul was a master of transforming pain into hope with an admirable attitude. She is actually quite punky. Makes us realise that the world has been full of all these extremely wonderful good willing people, and we got curious to see how all that translates into our world with ginger-synthesizers, electronic possibilities and life today. »

Emma Tricard, Niklas Blomberg & the Mysterious Third Person in dialogue with the musical style of the New Orleans jazz pianist Sweet Emma Barrett.

© Dasha Zornika

© Dasha Zornika

© Dasha Zornika

© Dasha Zornika

Création Août 2018 à Ausland - Berlin

Équipe artistique

Concept et performance : Niklas Blomberg et Emma Tricard
Musique: Niklas Blomberg
Texte: Niklas Blomberg et Emma Tricard


Subventionné par le Berliner Senatskanzlei für kulturelle Angelegenheiten en partenariat avec Ausland
Dans le cadre de la série de concert SONGS WE TAUGHT YOUR MOTHER


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